How To Add Class To A Hotel Bathroom

While a hotel bathroom has to be functional, it will make a better impression on guests if it has some flair as well like a well chosen contemporary bathroom sinks should go with the theme of the hotel. Investing some extra money into some luxury touches in the bathroom can make guests feel more comfortable and even have a good effect on your bottom line when your guests end up returning time and again. Read on to learn about some of the things you can do to add class to a hotel bathroom.

Spend a little extra on luxury linens. This won’t be that expensive and the guests will love it. Instead of thin towels, invest in thick, cotton, luxurious towels that make the guests feel like they are in a spa. Install towel warmers to keep them toasty. You might also consider providing inexpensive disposable slippers and high end soaps and shower gels. While many guests will take these items with them, since they are branded, the guests will always think of your hotel when they use them.

If yl our hotehas the budget for it, consider upgrading the vanity counters to marble or granite. These materials are easy to clean and they add a high end look to the bathroom and give it more class. You might also want to upgrade the floors as well and install heated floors with marble tile. This will add a true touch of luxury.

Dated shower stalls can quickly bring down the appeal of any bathroom. Consider installing frameless glass shower doors. This will make the bathroom look bigger and give it a sleek modern edge which is very appealing. The frameless doors look almost invisible.

Quality lighting can also go far when it comes to a hotel bathroom. Make sure the lights are flattering for your guests and install modern fixtures that are handmade if possible. Choose something unique that the other hotels don’t have. This will make your hotel stand out from the crowd.

While you don’t want to go overboard with changes, implementing some upgrades to your bathroom is a good idea and will make a good impression on your guests. Make sure to get plenty of bids and find the lowest bid with a company that is known for doing good work. A hotel bathroom shouldn’t look cheap. Go the extra mile and add in some upgrades that could make a big difference to your bottom line.

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