An Approach To Family Law Practice

Lawyers that specialize in family law like the Holtz Law generally work towards minimizing conflict that often occurs in the different family-law cases. However, when a litigation become the only method to resolve the problems that arise from the issues like child-custody battles, paternity and divorces, these lawyers become vigorous representatives for their clients.

Legal service on offer through the family law practices include some of the following:

– Divorce

Lawyers that specialize in divorces handle all types of cases from complex, uncontested to simple divorce, along Image result for formal determination of the fatherwith closely-held businesses and high assets.

– Child Placement And Custody

Family law practice will consider each unique circumstance when it comes to the life of their client and the needs of their children in order to achieve their client’s visitation (placement) and custody goals.

– Annulment And Legal Separations

In certain cases, the legal separations are considered a more favorable alternative in comparison to a divorce. An annulment is considered as a less common option but is still a choice for specific limited circumstances.

– Spousal Support And Maintenance

Maintenance or spousal support known as alimony are payments that are decided upon according to facts linked to the case. A family law attorney can assist their clients in ensuring their maintenance order is consistent and fair within the state that they reside in.

– Child Support

When it comes to all types of family law matters, one of the primary concerns has to do with the interests of a child or children involved. Most state laws require that both parties will need to support the child or children in accordance to child-support guidelines that are state mandated.

– Paternity

The laws require that a formal determination of the father needs to be obtained in order for this party to obtain rights parentally as well as protect interests of a child or children. This usually includes financial orders, visitation and custody.

– Restraining Orders

The law considers the charges associated with domestic violence in a very serious manner and all the court systems provide a remedy like a restraining order for any victims. For clients who have experienced abuse from their partner or spouse or the client is the parent to children or a child who has experienced abuse, a family lawyer can assist in obtaining a restraining order to keep the client and their children safe. These attorneys will also assist in protecting the rights of their clients if they have a restraining order against them.

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