Annual Plumbing Maintenance For Hotels And Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants both rely heavily on water in order to provide service to their guests. Restaurants need water for cooking, cleaning and doing dishes, while hotel guests expect to be able to shower anytime they want without running into plumbing problems. Not only that, but both businesses absolutely need to have working restroom facilities if they want to keep their guests happy.

With so much riding on the plumbing system, MTP Plumbing & Heating LLC said both of these types of businesses can benefit from annual plumbing inspections. During one of these inspections, a plumber comes out to the property and examines the existing plumbing system, looking for problems or signs of weakness.

The main benefit of this type of service is that it helps businesses catch plumbing problems while they are still small. This means that they are far easier and less expensive to repair. Not only that, but they are also less likely to disrupt service for the guests.

Imagine being out at a fancy restaurant with a loved one for an important event. All of a sudden you find out that the kitchen is no longer serving food because their water went out. This type of experience would leave a bad taste in your mouth and would make it very unlikely that you would return to the restaurant in the future.

The same holds true for a hotel. If you stayed at a hotel and ran out of hot water during your shower — or worse, couldn’t get the shower to turn on at all — you can bet that you wouldn’t book a room there in the future.

The best way to avoid these types of scenarios with your guests is through annual plumbing inspections. During the inspection, the plumber can make sure that everything is functioning correctly and that there are no areas of potential weakness that need to be addressed. In the case of hotels, they can also help you evaluate whether your hotel’s water heating system is adequate to provide all of your guests with a warm shower when they need it.

Inspections are excellent for spotting leaky pipes or fixtures, potentially saving thousands of dollars in water damage. As you can well imagine, the cost of an inspection pales in comparison to the cost of repairing your building after a major water leak. This is particularly true if the leak remains undiscovered long enough for mold to have a chance to grow. Between repairing the plumbing and the cost of mold remediation, you could be paying a serious amount of money out of pocket to deal with any necessary repairs.

As you can see, annual plumbing maintenance is of utmost importance to hotels and restaurants. Being able to have water for cooking and cleaning is essential in a food-service setting. Likewise, hotels need to make sure that their guests’ bathroom facilities are all working correctly if they want people to come back and stay with them again at some point in the future.

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