How Do I Acquire a License to Sell Liquor to Hotels and Taverns?

There is a lot of money to be made in the liquor industry, because premium liquors are more desirable than ever and are fetching higher prices than ever before. One of the best places to make money in the liquor Image result for liquor distributor, even a wholesalerindustry is in wholesaling liquor products to hotels, restaurants, taverns, and bars. The only thing you need to be careful of and take into consideration is getting the right license to sell alcohol like if you happen to be in Houston, you need to look for the right¬†liquor law advice houston to help you with licensing to avoid penalties and liabilities for crimes or accidents that may occur to intoxicated customers.¬† The reason that this is so profitable is that these businesses know that they will be able to charge quite a lot for liquor, so they are always on the lookout for new premium products to add to their collections. Additionally, unlike most things that a restaurant buys, liquors do not spoil, which means that restaurants can treat purchasing liquor more like an investment. This makes them very willing to make these kinds of purchases, and large profits can be made in this way if you can bring them premium liquors that will work for their businesses and their restaurant’s style.

But before you start selling liquor and making money like this, there is one big thing that you will need to take care of. To be a liquor distributor, even a wholesaler, you will need a license from the government to trade in liquor. This can vary by state and country, but you will pretty much always need to apply to a liquor or alcohol board for the license. The reason for this is that liquor is a controlled substance, so all of the people and businesses who are involved in moving and selling liquor have to be registered and approved to prevent black Image result for liquor distributor, even a wholesalermarket sales such as sales to underage buyers.

When you apply for a license to distribute liquor to retailers and hotels, though, the requirements are not as stringent as if you are going to sell liquor directly to consumers. Most of the time, you will need to provide a means of identity, like a passport or birth certificate, along with the legal documentation of your business such as a certificate of incorporation. You will then need to write out approximately how much business in liquor you are planning to do, as well as the areas in which you are planning to operate. If you modify these later, you will need to notify the board of any updates. Then you will need to pay the application fee, which can rise up to a couple thousand dollars in some areas.

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