Low Budget Wedding Ideas – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning to get married soon, but you’re on a tight budget – then there’s no reason to fear! While it’s always nice to splash out the big bucks when it comes to getting married, it’s really not essential to spend lots of money to ensure you have the most wonderful day of your life. According to Plumfund, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of couples make their newlywed dreams come true with their easy-to-use fundraising platform, everyone deserves to have a wonderful wedding celebration.

In this guide, we’re going to give you several pieces of advice that’ll help you have a fantastic day – even if you’re on a limited budget – so let’s take a closer look at the tips we have for you.

Tip 1 – Have the ceremony at home

One of the biggest expenses of a wedding is hiring a building or function room – and once you combine this with the cost of renting a reception room for an entire evening, the price soon adds up!

With this in mind, why not have the ceremony at home in stead? This will allow you to have the perfect day in the comfort of your own environment – and you could even host the reception outside in your garden, which allows you to include all of your favorite reception ideas, but without the associated venue cost.

Tip 2 – Do the catering yourself

Another huge expense of a wedding is the catering costs – but it’s quite easy to keep these costs lower than average. Why not do the catering yourself rather than hiring a catering company?

By handling your own food preparation, you’ll still have great control over the food and drink options that are served to your guests, but you won’t have to pay the huge catering costs – along with the wages of the staff. You could even ask guests to bring their own foods, which can bring a lovely community spirit to any wedding day.

Tip 3 – Cut down on the flowers

One of the huge hidden costs for most weddings is flowers. But it’s quite possible to have a beautiful, elegant, and affordable floral arrangement rather than splashing out more than you can comfortably afford. As an example, using a single rose for each bridesmaid can look wonderful – and it certainly won’t cost you the same as a full bouquet!

Alternatively, you could choose to use artificial flowers instead – because many of these flowers are incredibly realistic looking, but they’re inevitably cheaper than the real thing.


Overall, it’s safe to say that you can always find ways to save money when it comes to planning your low budget wedding day. If you follow the tips in this guide, you’ll certainly be off to a great start!

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