Places to Visit in Madrid

Europe is one of the places almost everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. The “almost everyone” pool of people includes me. I have always been fascinated about traveling to different states and out of the country. The most memorable travel to a different state that I have would be in Billings Montana. I stayed for a week in Big Horn Resort and let me say that it was a great week for me. I visited the Museum of the Rockies, Pictograph Cave, Zoo Montana and Montana Vortex and House of Mystery. Their local cuisine was awesome on the palette. If there are three things that will stick to your memory about a vacation you had, that would be the place where you stayed in, the places you went to visit and the food you ate.

I went to Madrid back in 2011 with my closest friends. Before we went on a trip, we made sure that we planned every detail of our vacation. You wouldn’t want to keep on guessing where to go and what to do when you get to your destination. That’ll leave out all the fun in your supposed vacation of a lifetime.

The first thing we did is find a hotel that is close to the places we want to visit. We found a nice hotel along Miguel Angel 29, 31, The Hotel Occidental Miguel Angel, which has its spa, perfect ending to a tiring day.

Next thing to plan was our itinerary for the places we would like to visit. We asked each one of us what place we would like to visit. Here are some of the places we visited:

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum – this place has some of the most precious collections of masterpieces. The paintings in this museum were once a private collection and to visit this place is truly an amazing experience. When you get tired of walking and admiring the art collection in this place, you can dine in their garden or sip coffee upstairs in their cafe.

Royal Palace of Madrid – the palace looks simply amazing! Walking on its hallways is like walking in history. The rooms inside are decorated in styles according to what were the trends before.

eiffelEiffel Restaurant – the service of this restaurant was truly remarkable. Their Spanish cuisines looked and tasted wonderful. If you can, be sure to put this restaurant on the top of your list for restaurants to dine in. You’ll be glad that you did.

El Jardin del InterContinental Restaurant – This restaurant will give you a nice garden view and is perfect for family breakfast and lunch. Not to mention their fine wines, lobster and other various seafood that are too good to miss. The service is fantastic ad the food is great.

These places were also in the top lists of travel blogs and websites. It’s best if you will also do your research and base your decision on the reviews made on the place. You should also consider what your interests are so you know what perfect place to put on your travel list. Your vacation will be more enjoyable if you are with a company of good friends or your family. It makes the experience more special.

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