Storm Damage Repair – The First 5 Critical Things To Do

A storm can cause devastating or minor damages; thus no two situations can be entirely the same. It could be that hail pelted your home during heavy rains, or a hurricane ripped through your area causing significant damages; the experiences may be different. Therefore, the storm damage repair required may differ.

What matters is knowing what to do so that you and your loved ones can recover after the storm. It could make all the difference, from ensuring the health and safety of everyone to getting the necessary help from respective local authorities and your insurance providers.

What To Do

Image result for limit any water from entering the damaged part of the home to minimize the risk of property damageHiring a professional with the right qualification and expertise is the wisest thing you can do when looking for what to do to repair the damages after the storm. Yes, you may come across some of the issues in the clean-up and restoration process that you can handle, but much of what should be done is tedious and complicated and handling such will be a costly mistake. Nevertheless, you need to take some preemptive actions to safeguard your family and property.

1. Assess the situation to ensure nothing is off structurally that can injure people. After that, do a head count to make sure every family member is accounted for and then process to identify the wounded giving top priority to those that need an immediate medical assistance.

2. Make sure the gas and electricity are cut off to avoid the risk of sparking up fires when the cleanup process begins.

3. Contact your insurance provider before you embark on the cleanup. The insurance company is most likely to come to your location to assess the nature and extent of the damages before the repairs start. By do this, you eliminate the chance of not getting compensation for the storm damages.

4. Try your best to move or relocate any items that are damage section of the home. Avoid lifting any large and heavy things that are under rubbles to avoid the risk of injury or exasperating the situation. Try and limit any water from entering the damaged part of the home to minimize the risk of property damage. Move any items that you can lift or carry outside so that they can start drying as the repairs are done.

5. Call a professional storm damage repair contractor to come help restore your home. Ensure that you provide the contractor with all the necessary information about your home, preferably a blueprint of your home’s construction so that the repairs can be done to per. The repair contractor will only start the work after getting the nod from your insurance company.

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