What Should You Know Before You File an ERISA Claim?

Becoming injured in your workplace can affect your life in a substantive way, particularly if your injuries are so serious you don’t plan to ever return to your job. If that happens, you’re more than likely to benefit from your workplace’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) policy I read from Springer Ayeni and if you want to visit the website too. Just be sure that you understand the following points so that you are prepared for what you might experience.

You’re In For A Wait

Image result for What Should You Know Before You File an ERISA Claim?If you’re hurt, you probably could use some extra money right away for food, bills, medical supplies and other things. You might want to file your ERISA claim very quickly. What you’ve got to know is that your company’s insurance policy may dictate that you wait for a period before you can even open a claim. You may need to adjust your expectations until you know for sure when you can hope for a claim aproval.

You Should Speak to the Insurance Carrier

Your supervisor and various human resources reps may mean well, but they aren’t the ones that you should be asking about the ERISA claim. That’s because neither your manager nor your HR department is in control of your claim. The insurance company is. You need to clearly read and understand their guidelines so you don’t make a mistake. Ask for written instructions.

Investigators May Come Your Way

You might think that only spies are followed around, but that is not true. ERISA claims are taken very seriously, so much that some insurance companies keep investigators on retainer to learn about people filing claims. Your coworkers and neighbors could end up being interviewed about your behaviors. For example, they may be asked whether you’ve been seen playing in your backyard basketball court or lifting heavy packing boxes at work. If investigators should find you aren’t adhering to your physician’s orders, you could be jeopardizing your claim.

You May Be Taxed

If you are in a group ERISA plan, as many people are, you might be surprised to learn that whatever benefits you receive could be taxed at the local, state and federal levels. However, if you purchased your own policy when you took on the job using your salary after taxes, that money is unlikely to be taxed.

Getting hurt can mean a lot of changes in your life. If you need to pursue an ERISA disability claim, you now have the above information to assist you. You may want to work closely with a lawyer who works on these claims often; they can give you even more insight and help.

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