Why HVAC Systems Are Important To Hotels

There is no question that HVAC systems are extremely important to modern hotels. When it comes to comfort and the ability to keep maximum temperature control in a room, nothing is going to be to having a heating and air conditioning system that allows for individual thermostats from room to room. Even many older hotels that make their mark off a history of elegance have looked at making certain modern Image result for Why HVAC Systems Are Important To Hotelsrenovations to attract customers who still expect a high level of comfort wherever they go.

Having an HVAC system not only allows for a centralized place to control air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter, but this also allows each individual room and suite to control their own temperature. There is no such thing as a perfect temperature that everybody views as comfortable. Some people are used to extremely hot and humid temperatures and get cold very easily at temperatures that other people would consider to be hot. Likewise, people from the north who are used to very long winters are going to have a different comfort level.

Giving them the option for each person to control their own room is key to getting those high star reviews are critical to staying in business in today’s competitive travel and leisure industry. In addition to climate control, having an excellent HVAC system also allows for the frequent changing of filters and to more easily control the cleanliness of the air within a building. This is great to make things more comfortable for asthmatics, the elderly, and children.

Hotels Must Stay Modern.
For a hotel to stay competitive they must be on the edge when it comes to certain types of modern Image result for For a hotel to stay competitive they must be on the edge when it comes to certain types of modern technologytechnology. Even a large mansion type hotel from the 1920s and 1930s that attracts people because of its old-school appearance and design is not going to be a major attraction if people have to deal with 100° temperatures in the summer and cold drafty rooms in the winter.

While many people are focusing on things like Wi-Fi and having their own coffee bars, ignoring the benefits of a true modern HVAC system is a serious mistake that not many hotels would be able to bounce back from. It’s been decades since this was considered a new technology, and because of that there’s no excuse not to include it in any new hotel renovation job.

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