Why Restaurant Owners Need To Be Familiar With Texas Liquor Laws

Anyone who owns a restaurant in Texas where alcohol is served needs to be intimately familiar with Texas liquor laws. Failing to fully understand the legal responsibilities that go along with serving alcohol can wind up getting your business in hot water as an attorney from www.mvhtexasliquorlaw.com described it.. If you don’t follow the law to the letter, you could wind up losing the ability to sell alcohol. You could also face steep fines or others serious repercussions.

The best way to learn about the legal requirements that go along with serving alcohol at a restaurant is to visit the website of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. They have a detailed outline of the state’s laws regarding the sale of alcohol that you can view online or download. By carefully reading through these guidelines, you can get a better idea of what your rights and responsibilities are in regards to serving alcohol at your place of business.

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There are a lot of different rules that apply specifically to restaurants. For instance, do you know whether or not your patrons can bring their own bottle of wine to enjoy with their meal? Do you know how old your employees have to be in order to serve alcohol to your guests? Do you know what type of alcohol you can serve? Are you familiar with the cut-off time for serving alcohol each day of the week?

It is extremely important to get a grasp on all of these topics. If you fail to do so, you could accidentally wind up breaking the law.

You should be able to find answers to any questions that you may have on the website, as well. They have a detailed FAQ section posted on their site where they answer some of the most common questions that they receive.

If you need additional guidance, you can also contact them through the website or by telephone. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to talk directly to a person when you have issues or questions that need to be resolved. The contact information for the commission is clearly posted on their website, making it easy to reach them if you need assistance.

As a restaurant owner, it is important to familiarize yourself as much as possible with Texas liquor laws. Failing to do so could wind up costing you in the long run. If you break any of the laws, you could find yourself facing stiff legal repercussions.

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